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medicalpracticemanagement"MPM has worked with The Pinnacle Group for several years, and we value this relationship as a strategic I.T. partnership. MPM has a minimal I.T. staff so The Pinnacle Group serves as an indispensible resource for consulting, support, and procurement. We lean particularly heavy on them for support, advice, and products for our UNIX systems.

"Recently, The Pinnacle Group provided an expert HP-UX engineer to work with our in-house staff in planning and implementing an upgrade to our HP-UX UNIX servers. The planning for this project was very thorough and we were able to minimize system downtime to an absolute minimum. The work performed was accurate and we actually completed the upgrade in less time than expected. MPM enthusiastically recommends The Pinnacle Group as an excellent partner for any business."

—Chris Wilkinson, Network Manager

alstromDuane Dixon, with The Pinnacle Group, has been working with me for over twelve (12) years. His knowledge of Hewlett Packard hardware and software have been invaluable for our company to install and maintain HP-UX servers in a two-server Serviceguard cluster environment running Oracle applications. He and his fellow consultants have helped design and implement new Serviceguard cluster environments in the USA. They have  also provided superior advice to implement  two-server Serviceguard clusters in both Europe and China.

Duane also manages all of our North America support contracts for Hewlett Packard providing 24x7, 365 day support for up to six (6) Serviceguard cluster sites.

Duane is always quick to respond to questions. If he does not know the answer, he will always find an answer using his fellow consultants and/or HP engineers.

—Clarence (C.E.) Addis, IT Specialist

seminoleschoollogo"Pinnacle Technologies and Seminole County Public Schools have enjoyed a beneficial relationship for over 10 years now. All of our district’s production ERP and backup systems run on servers that were purchased from Pinnacle Technologies.

Not only do they provide expert capacity planning and configuration assistance, but they consistently offer the most cost effective solutions. This has resulted in a tremendous ROI – something that has been critical for a school district during tight budget cycles.

Pinnacle never treats us like just another small customer. They always provide timely, personalized attention, and I think of them as more family than a business."

—Tom Condo, Supervisor IS Operations

vanone“I have worked with the Pinnacle Group and Jack Weidman for well over ten years. In those ten years, they have supported the Development and Alumni Relations Department (DAR) of Vanderbilt University at the highest levels of customer service and support no matter if it was technical, vendor relations, or product delivery. We could always depend on timely and accurate responses. As the director of DAR IT, they made my life much easier when it came to supporting my users and department needs.”

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