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PANIC!!! It seems that everyone is running around in panicked reaction mode right now about the latest Ransomware strain. Opportunists are inundating my mailbox with sure fire remedies for all strains of ransomware and their magic-box solutions. The truth is, if your organization waits for one of these trigger events to think about security, and if your organization thinks that a blinky-light box will protect you, it is probably already too late and you are being led down the placebo-primrose-path of false security.

Events like this have some value because they do raise awareness of the need for security but security is not one or two blinky-light boxes or a piece of magic software. Consider these latest industry trends:



Security is a mindset and pragmatic holistic approach to understanding risk, quantifying and prioritizing it, and dealing with it in a logical manner based on real world experience. It is understanding that digital risk is one leg of a multi-legged stool with equal or greater risk coming from other vectors such as physical access, social engineering, and poor administrative processes. Why not take a proactive and realistic approach to security with a very experienced and widely acknowledged leader in real security?


The Pinnacle Group has some of the most experienced industry leaders in security services and can provide you with a wide range services from a long-term partner you can trust. Don’t be a victim of panicked reaction and those who would profit from it with a false panacea for fixing all your security woes. Take the long view with a partner who understands real security and who will always be there for you!


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