SilverSky’s Managed Security Services enable organizations to reduce the costs and complexity of network security, improve security posture, and ease the compliance burden. By leveraging SilverSky’s security expertise, you can empower your IT department to focus on core business activities without security worry. Our Security Operation Centers operate 24/7/365 and work diligently with our customers to create a strong security posture and reduces exposure.


  • Firewall

    Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network; securely track and control the flow of electronic data in and out of your organization. Helps identify zero-day attacks.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    Identify and stop network attacks dead in their tracks before they can enter your network and cause real damage. Detect outbound activity from compromised hosts, and halt it before your data can escape, or an attacker has joined you to a botnet.

  • File Integrity Monitoring

    Ensure that your systems haven’t been compromised by checking and validating changes to your systems. Required for numerous compliance regulations including PCI.

  • Security Event Log Management

    Consolidate and correlate log events from a myriad of network systems, devices, applications and tools. Comply with PCI Requirement 10 and stay on top of the critical events impacting your security. Helps identify both external and internal threats.

  • Web Application Firewall

    Block the attacks targeting your web applications and their databases and comply with the web app security provisions spelled out in the PCI Data Security Standard. Protect against OWASP Top 10 and beyond.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Uncover your network’s vulnerable devices with systematic, scheduled vulnerability scanning and achieve regulatory compliance.

  • VPN(SSL/IPsec/Dual Factor Authentication)

    Quickly and easily create secure network ‘tunnels’ that allow your offsite users to safely access your business systems and network resources. Extends your network over a wide geographic area, safely.


  • PCI Essential

    SilverSky’s PCI Essential solution combines expert personnel, PCI-specific procedures, and a full suite of network security technologies to help you address PCI compliance. Built on an award-winning security platform, PCI Essential is a proven, auditor-approved solution. With PCI Essential, your staff is freed from many of the time-consuming, resource-intensive activities required to meet PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) compliance and can focus on core business activities.

  • HIPAA Essential

    HIPAA Essential™ combines expert personnel, proven tools and technology, and certified processes to help you address HIPAA HITECH compliance. Built on an award-winning security platform, HIPAA Essential is an auditor-approved solution. With HIPAA Essential, your staff stays focused on what they know best – your core business activities – and is freed from many of the stressful, expensive activities required to achieve HIPAA HITECH compliance.

  • Financial Essential

    SilverSky Financial Essential is a solution purpose-built to help financial institutions meet demanding security and compliance requirements. It features comprehensive, multi-layered security technology, FFIEC-audited processes and controls, audit-ready compliance reporting, and 24x7 network monitoring by certified security experts.

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