AlgoSec Security Management Suite

algosecdetailThe AlgoSec Security Management Suite delivers an automated and application-centric solution for managing complex policies across firewalls, routers, switches, secure web gateways and more to improve both security and business agility.

The AlgoSec Suite bridges traditional gaps between security, network and application teams by combining AlgoSec BusinessFlow, FireFlow and Firewall Analyzer to streamline security operations and change management, ensure continuous compliance, maximize application availability and service delivery, and deliver a tighter security policy that offers better protection against cyber-attacks. Powering the AlgoSec Security Management Suite is the patented Deep Policy Inspection™ technology, which delivers superior security policy analysis, uncovering more actionable results with greater accuracy

  • AlgoSec BusinessFlow

    AlgoSec BusinessFlow bridges the gap between application, security and operations teams by delivering innovative application-centric security policy management that ensures faster service delivery and maximizes application availability.

    BusinessFlow provides a centralized and consolidated view of business applications and their connectivity needs, translates vague connectivity requirements to the underlying security policy and ensures application availability by providing change impact analysis.

    Application-centric security management enables faster security provisioning, maintenance and safe decommissioning of critical datacenter applications for enhanced agility and availability.

  • AlgoSec FireFlow

    AlgoSec FireFlow intelligently automates the security policy change workflow, enabling firewall changes to be processed 2x-4x faster, increasing accuracy and accountability, enforcing continuous compliance and mitigating risk.

    FireFlow adds security and network intelligence to the change workflow, aligning operations and security teams and automating the entire change lifecycle—from submission and design to risk analysis, implementation, validation and audit.

    FireFlow complements and seamlessly integrates with existing service desk ticketing systems and easily customizes to match each organization’s business processes, improving governance and ensuring compliance with industry and corporate standards.

  • AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA)

    AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer provides visibility and control of complex security policies across multiple vendors and devices to automate firewall operations and ensure network security devices are properly configured.

    Firewall Analyzer enables security and operations teams to effectively monitor and plan policy changes, optimize rulesets, uncover risks and instantly create compliance reports for regulations and internal mandates.

    Firewall Analyzer’s unique automation capabilities and topology-aware visibility dramatically improve operational efficiency and deliver a tighter security policy that offers better protection against cyber-attacks.

  • Deep Policy Inspection

    More Results, Greater Accuracy

    AlgoSec's patented Deep Policy Inspection™ technology serves as the foundation of the AlgoSec Security Management Suite. Deep Policy Inspection non-intrusively analyzes rulesets, routing tables and logs across complex, multi-vendor environments, to deliver more actionable results with greater accuracy.

    Unique capabilities include: 

    • True network-topology awareness takes into account each vendor’s approach to security (e.g. Cisco and Juniper interface or zone-based policies as opposed to Check Point device-based policies) 
    • Visibility across groups of devices in addition to individual device-by-device analysis 
    • Stored relationships between devices, policies, rules, objects and topology, enabling instant drill-down that pinpoint the exact elements requiring attention 
    • The broadest risk and compliance database available on the market 
    • Traffic simulation algorithms that analyze all possible variations for complete accuracy of results

AlgoSec is the market leader for security policy management, enabling organizations to manage security at the speed of business. The AlgoSec Suite of products automates management of complex policies across firewalls, routers, switches, secure web gateways and more. Bridging traditional gaps between security, network and application teams, the AlgoSec Suite improves business agility, increases security and ensures continuous compliance.

More than 1000 of the world’s leading organizations, including 15 of the Fortune 50, rely on AlgoSec for faster security provisioning of business applications, simplified security operations and improved protection against cyber-attacks.

AlgoSec is committed to the success of every single customer, and offers the industry's only money-back guarantee.

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